About Us

Janice (Jan) Novak  is a degreed Engineer and has education and training in problem solving.  She uses that training in her acupuncture work and loves difficult cases and mystery problems. 

Jan's goal is to help the whole family, including the pets.  Jan is trained in working with children and uses modalities other than needling and achieves healing.  Those modalities include acupressure, microcurrrent stimulators on the acu points, nutrition  work including toxin identification, allergy senistivity and elimination.  She also uses color and sound therapy.  See the tools/techniques section for more detail.

Jan's interest in acupuncture started with chronic back pain.  Western medicine denied her pain.  Acupuncture cured the pain permanently with about two months of therapy.  The relief wasn't instant but very effective and changed her life.  She went to school to be an acupuncturist and has been helping others live a full life ever since graduation in 2002.