Animal Acupuncture

Janice Novak is trained and certified in the treatment of animals. Animals treated include horses, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and rabbits. A barn visit or house call may be arranged by phone or text 443-421-1964.

Animals can be helped with acupuncture for mobility issues, behavioral problems, skin issues, allergies or traumas to the body. Janice has used acupuncture to heal spinal injuries without surgery. Acupuncture has been used to delay the onset of aging difficulties and diseases. Lyme disease is a prevalent problem in the mid-atlantic area and acupuncture and other therapies have been used quite successfully for permanent relief.

Animals usually respond very well to acupuncture and cooperate when they understand they are being helped. The benefit is visually seen as relief is felt and appreciated by the animals. So you don't have to believe in acupuncture for the therapy to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ailments respond to acupuncture for animals?
Any condition that you can treat humans for, you can treat on an animal. I see a lot of mobility issues in animals. I have had a lot of successful response for animals diagnosed with lyme disease. Arthritis is very treatable unless the animal is very old. Skin conditions, digestion issues, and behavioral issues are typically treated. I've done spinal work and helped animals heal after surgery.
2. How much do you charge and how many visits are necessary?
I charge $60.00 per visit and may charge a travel fee for barn or house visits. If I am not seeing improvement after 3 visits I get suspicious that something else may be going on. After 6 visits and there is not improvement I would definitely recommend investigating other modalities of treatment. Animals respond quickly to acupuncture, usually 6 visits is enough time to evaluate whether acupuncture is going to be effective.
3. Does acupuncture hurt my animal? Do they need to be restrained?
No, acupuncture does  not hurt the animal.  They may feel an unusual feeling and turn around and visually check out what you are doing and soon calm into acu-bliss.  Animals do cooperate and do not need to be restrained.  I had an owner ask me about an Australian Shepherd which is a very active dog.  To the owner's amazement, the dog laid down right between us quite still and satisfied during the treatment process.  I usually treat horses in a cross tie or on a lead rope.  Small dogs and cats can be treated on the owner's lap or table or floor.  Large dogs are always treated on the floor.
4 Are there any reactions after treatment?
I usually ask the owner to observe movement and behavior and report on the next visit.  The animal can be more energetic or more lethargic after treatment and both are perfectly normal reactions.
5.  How long do the needles stay in?
Animals are so sensitive it doesn't take much time for them to experience a shift in symptoms.  Usually 5 to 10 minutes for animals.  So normally animal treatments are under a half hour.
6.  Why do you treat people and animals?
I believe there is a synergistic relationship between the two.  Sometimes people will come for treatment after they have seen what happens to their animal or vice versa.  I have had people tell me they picked me as a human acupuncturist because I also work on animals.  I also treat athletes and can harmonize them with their rider, owner, or handler.  For instance, I have done acupuncture therapies on horses and their riders.  Horse often absorb and reflect people's attitudes for their healing, so then both the horse and rider should be treated to clear the issues.

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