Nutrition plays a key role in our vitality, health, and well being.  Junk food is a source of empty calories that do not nourish the body.  It can also contribute to weight gain and fat.  Junk food is readily available and is a tempting substitute for good eating.  Healthy eating includes real food (as much as possible) and processed foods are minimized or deleted.  A balance between all the food groups is essential as well.

During the first or second visit, my treatments include kinesiology (muscle testing), where the body's organs are evaluated for proper nutrition and function.  When the body's organs indicate a weak muscle test response, supplements and/or Chinese Medicine are tested in the body's energy field for compatibility until a positive muscle test is achieved.  This method allows for mystery problems to be discovered for resolution.  Allergies, sensitivites and toxins can be identified during this process.  Also, root causes of the health complaint can be revealed. 

Recommendations are suggested after the findings are determined.  The patient and the practitioner discuss and determine the best doable solution.