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Conditions Treated

Acupuncture has known been successful in treating the following conditions.

Bone, Muscle, Joint, Painarthritis , fibromyalgianeck and shoulder painback pain, lower back , bursitis, carpal tunnel, elbow painfoot painorthopedic bone conditions, sprains, strains, tendonitis, athletic injuriesTMJ

Addictions: alcoholism, drug addictioneating disorder, smoking cessation
Allergies: Food, seasonal,

Cardiovascular: high blood pressure, Low blood pressure, sweating

Dermatological: acneeczemaherpespsoriasis, rashes

Emotional: anxietydepressionstress , tension headaches, emotional pain
EMF: electrical imbalances

Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat: ear infections, dry eyesmacular degenerationsinusitis

Gastrointestinal: acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, digestive disorders, vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain

Infections: bronchitiscandidacold and flu preventioncold treatmentvaginal infections, Lyme Disease
Internal: fatique, chronic fatiguediabetes , lupus,
Neurological: dizzinessinsomniamigraines, headachesneuralgiashinglesstroke, parkinson disease
Nutrition: Dietary Review, sugar cravings, toxins identified, obesity, weight loss,eating disorders pediatric nutrition,

Reproductive: endometriosis and fibroidsfemale or male infertilitylow libidomenopausemenstrual problemspolycystic ovarian syndromepregnancy and postpartum carePMS, maleimpotence, prostate pain, pelvic pain,
Respiratory: allergiesasthmapediatric asthmaemphysemaseasonal allergies
Sports: Injuries, athletic performance,

Urinary: urinary problems, cystitis, kidney issues

Other: cancer (no cure- treatment for chemo side affects), HIV,AIDS, hepatitispediatric , pregnancy,

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