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Distance Sound Healing Sessions via Zoom. The sounds must be audible to the ears. Healing imbalance through a tuning fork sound session.

“Sound plus intention equals (body) healing” – Eileen McKusick

Music and sound have the power to move you and move through you. Tuningforks are used to introduce an audible tone that nudges the body to heal itself. This healing methodology is based on Eileen McKusick’s research into biofield tuning. The theory is based on the body being electric. The body has an electromagnetic field around it, setup by the electric current running through the body. The electromagnetic field is in a sphere shape around the body. Eileen McKusick terms this area the biofield. The biofield stores memories, past trauma, and other negative life experiences.

Excess, disorganized energy can remain in the bioelectric field creating a heaviness and chaos of energy flow around the body. Health symptoms are indicators that the flow of energy is not harmonious. If we change the energy field, the symptoms change. The nervous system entrains the signal or sound, which then signals the tendons, muscles, and ligaments connecting each joint to come into a balanced tone. Any imbalance of tension will setup interference patterns that compromises the joint’s range of motion. The new energy pattern is introduced through an audible tone.

The distance sound healing session removes the chaotic energy and disharmony and helps to make that discordant energy available to be returned to the body again. Sound has electromagnetic properties. The body is a self tuning instrument and will align itself, when prompted by the sound. Tuning forks act like a magnet to drag the old chaotic energy back to the body to be reused. Sound healing balances energy centers and aura, it helps the patient back out the stress. Vibrant and radiant health evolves, less reactive to life, being a victim, and stuck in circumstance.

The patient usually feels “lighter” after a session. The results are both subtle and profound. I am even using this sound therapy on horses, the subtle nature of the healing makes for gentle recovery. (the horse work is done on site at the barn)

Bio Acoustic Voice Analysis

The state of your health can be found in your voice. Your voice can be analyzed to give a holiographic representation of yourself and your health. Data is compiled to provide a written report. Vocal frequencies reveal challenges to the body through analysis of a sample of your voice. Vocal profiling can be used to understand the biochemistry malfunctions behind chronic disease. Nutrition needs can be determined and can even list high and low levels. Athletic response can be evaluated, improved, and monitored. e.g. Improve your golf swing.

Functional Medicine

Overall Health Scan outcome written report of findings and recommendations.

Total Chemical Toxicity Scan-off line scanning against extensive list of known chemical toxins.

Mystery Evaluation. This scan includes overall health scan, Tesla’s energy diagram and scan for possible environmental toxins. Food sensitivities can also be evaluated here. 

Medical Qi Gong Healing

What are Energy Blockages? You can think of your body’s energy system flowing like water in a river. When the water is flowing smoothly everything is in balance. When a blockage occurs, that’s when problems begin. Like a kinked water hose there is no water on one side and too much water on the other side of the kink. Remove the kink or blockage, and the water flows again to it’s natural balance.

More specifically, disease or dis-ease is caused by a lack of qi or energy flowing, creating energy blockages in the body. Energy blockages are caused by physical injuries, mental stress and excess emotions. There is no such thing as “good” energy or “bad” energy. Energy is energy. Problems result only because there is too much or too little energy in one place.

Remove the blockage or blockages and restore energy balance. Root causes of the health issue are identified and removed. Qi Gong gets the root cause and also eliminates the symptoms.

Qi Gong Phone Distance Healing

Energy is not limited by time or space; therfore, healing can be accomplished in person or at a distance. Appointments are made and the intitial appointment can be longer due to interview required before treating conditions.

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