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An Integrative Approach

Jan is a curious, compassionate and insightful practitioner that is knowledgeable in a variety of healing modalities. She uses an integrative approach to achieve the best result for her patients. She is highly intuitive which helps her clients focus on the issues that need attention. Jan listens, understands and then works with me to help my body achieve what’s necessary

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I have more energy and endurance

Jan has treated me with acupuncture for my spleenomegaly. Since that treatment my spleen has shrunk and my blood counts have risen after years of being anemic in red and white cells. My doctor was so happy when he reported the change, which was the first time in 9 years that they have improved, that he practically danced into his

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An Amazing Acupuncturist

Excited to share that an amazing acupuncturist is back in MD. She is so talented. If you ever wanted to try why not go to the best.

Janice Novak

Her office will open in December in Timonium. 443.421.1964

– L. Wallace

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