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Distance Healing

Distance Healing Services

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"
-Nikola Tesla

We are all connected - Energetically

Through technology, we have already experienced this connection by telephone and internet. This connection is achieved via frequency. This is exactly how I connect with your personal frequency with your name, age and location (where you live). Any form of healing where the intentional energy is released across time and space that has a healing affect on the recipient, regardless of where the recipient is located. With this type of work, the recipient does not need to be with the healer, to receive the healing. After my many years of study and practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, spiritual healing- prayer, hands on healing, and medical Qi Gong training allow me to do a blend of healing modalities to easily adapt my approach to the individual.

Everything is connected - Physically

When something happens on a physical level, there is also a counterpart on different energy levels. A physical health issue may be related to unressolved emotional blockages and/or mental stress, or vice versa. My chiropractic collegues have taught me so much about human anatomy and functional physiology.

Everything is connected- Electrically

This concept has a direct basis in acupuncture and western medicine. If the aupoints were to be measured electrically, the acupoint has a lower resistivity or greater conductivity. Acupuncture uses electrial microcurrent to promote flow of meridians or channels. Nikola Tesla created a human energy diagram,where he recommends measuring voltage,at critical biopoint locations on the body. Our body functions are measured electrically. Frequency is measured in Hertz or cycles per second, is the rate at which vibrations or oscillations occur. Our heart, which is truly an oscillator is literally recharged or jumped back to life, from electricity, like a car battery. The rhythm of the heart flow is managed with a pacemaker device which has a battery circuit of electricity. The flow of the heart rhythm is also monitored with an EKG. Brainwaves are electric, the blood carries a charge, qi or energy flows through an electrical acupuncture system of body points called acupoints.

Everything is connected - Vibrationally

We live in a vibrating Universal Energy Field. A fundamental principle of sound healing is that symptoms are being generated by an underlying energy field. Sound waves stimulate any flexible, fibrous material. Tuning fork vibrations can induce resonance in fibrous tissue. It is through the dynamics of their interactions that electromagnetic fields of sound frequency and light spectra are created, and frequency and vibration are brought into reality.

Distance Healing can be performed on pets, as well as human beings

Appointments are currently available from M-F between the time of 1PM to 5PM, EDT

What is Long Distance Healing?

Distance Healing (DH) is the practice of sending compassionate, healing energy to another person. This energy is transferred to the recipient’s subtle body through focused intention.

Similar to intercessory prayer, DH works by concentrating one’s thoughts and energy on a person or animal. The focus of the healing session is typically determined through a pre-session discussion. We will talk via phone or Zoom for about 20 minutes to determine how I can best support your health. You will then lie down at home and simply receive the healing, and I will contact you when it is finished.

While DH may have an immediate effect on the physical body – the effects are often subtle,e.g. Taste for certain foods may change, Body temperature may be more balanced. Irritability is smoothed. Less tension, less pain, less reactivity. You may notice these things over the next several days after treatment. This effect may, for example, manifest as an increase in motivation and energy for exercising, or an increase in the speed with which one’s body is able to naturally repair itself. An energy healing supports the changes you want to make in your life, and gives you more resiliency in the face of stressful circumstances.

Distance Healing sessions are results oriented and designed to identify root cause of health issues. My job as a healer is to coax the body to heal itself, as it is designed to do. There are often several contributing causes to a chronic condition. Several appointments may be required. Length and frequency of treatments will vary for every individual but here are some helpful estimates:

Mild issues, Detoxing, Headaches, Depression, Pain, Anxiety (1-2 sessions)

Serious, Long Standing Issues, Digestive Issues and Hormone Imbalance (3-5 sessions)

Auto-Immune Disorders, Diseases, Medically Defined Conditions (6-7 sessions)

What to Expect During a Distance Healing Session?

Book your appointment online, by phone 207-405-3317, or email request

Email will be sent to confirm appointment and instructions to get into zoom meetings or phone

Text or email messages will be sent for appointment reminder

Acutuning – Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Applied to the Human Biofield

Sound therapy session performed with tuning forks.  This is audio work, so the sessions must be heard.  Phone or video chat, zoom.  Scan biofield for; chaos, noise, incoherent energy.  Correct distortion of energy field when combed through by a tuning fork.  Impressions/recommendations are discussed during the session.  Sessions are usually 50 minutes.

Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) – Tapping is Taught and Applied to Specific Acupoints to Relieve Stress

Tapping procedures are taught for take away tools from the EFT session, tapping on acupoints is performed with the practitioner guiding points and duration. Homework or suggested routines are given to help person manage transitions, anxiety, stress and compulsive behavior. Lifelong changes are possible with only a short session.

Functional – Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing Used to Sort Out Body Needs and Priorities

Phone or zoom session. Scan energetic health of organs, meridians, glands, and systems. Environmental toxins e.g. heavy metals, chemicals, halogens, energy pollution evaluated. check for internal toxins, such as; parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc., hormone balance evaluated, structure checked, nutrition evaluation, food triggers identified, triggered emotions identified and cleared, homocysteine levels evaluated. Twenty minutes to one hour and a half.

Medical Qi Gong – Distance Healing Session

Phone call before the session, patient’s chief complaint is discussed, meditation healing (off phone), usually 20 minutes and phone call after session reporting findings, recommendations, and next steps. Patient sits quietly or lies down to receive healing.

Medical Qi Gong – Meditation

Meditation healing conducted on patient without a phone connection, email communication is established before session to advise focus of healing and after session to report findings, determine recommendations, and next steps. Distance healing to detect energetic blockages, remove blockages, remove excess energies, and harmonize the body.

Vocal Profiling – Use Your Voice to Evaluate Your Health

Performed by phone. Two voice samples are taken, and the chief complaint is shared by the client. Data analysis is performed required by the practitioner. The client will receive an email report on the findings. Tracking ongoing health conditions may suggest samples every 6 weeks or whatever period is appropriate.

Does it Work?


What Will You Feel?

Depending on the healing that you request and the focus of my intention, you may feel nothing at all or deeply relaxed or vibrantly energized, more accepting of some aspect of your life or more motivated to change it, feel more awake or fall asleep. Many people even report dream-like images, seeing colors, or the sensation of floating above the ground.

How Long Will the Effects Last?

The duration of the effects will depend on the health condition that we are working with, chronic conditions may take more sessions. Some clients experience permanent relief while others request another healing session for the same condition only days later. Lifestyle and stress, etc. has an effect, as life wears on.

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