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I have more energy and endurance

Jan has treated me with acupuncture for my spleenomegaly. Since that treatment my spleen has shrunk and my blood counts have risen after years of being anemic in red and white cells. My doctor was so happy when he reported the change, which was the first time in 9 years that they have improved, that he practically danced into his office to tell me. I have more energy and endurance which my close friends have noticed and remarked about. “Jan has also done a detoxification elimination process for me and also sent me amino acid and spleen energy. I have been feeling a noticeable difference in my body. She is gifted at Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) which verifies through the bodies’ muscles what issues need to be balanced. ““Jan has adjusted the muscles around my tailbone which gave me some fatigue at the time but I woke up feeling great the next day. And recently she cured me of a painful, constant headache I had for over a week. It was totally gone in a matter of minutes.”Jan is a healer and uses her skills with humbleness and intention. She shares her knowledge at appropriate times and is professional at all times. She explains what her plan is and answers any questions. She follows up on past sessions to assist her clients. Book yourself an appointment and allow yourself an opportunity to be gently cared for in her capable hands. She will support you on your path to wellness.

– B. Morrison

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